Control technology to reduce part machining deformation


1. For parts with relatively large processing capacity, symmetrical processing should be selected during processing to improve the thermal conductivity standard during processing and prevent the concentration of heat generation. If you have to process a 90mm thick furniture board to 60mm, you can immediately cut one side with a milling machine, and finally achieve a flatness of 5mm at one time. When applying gradient descent to feed the symmetry, each face is solved 2 times. The final specification can ensure a flatness of 0.3mm.

2. If the sheet metal has several dies, it is not recommended to use the die-by-die sequence solution during processing. This makes the part more susceptible to asymmetrical internal stresses and deformations. Double-layer processing is used, and each layer is processed into all the die at the same time as possible, and then the next layer is processed to make the parts bear evenly and reduce deformation.

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