Parts machining accuracy improvement skills


Machining accuracy is the geometric parameter of the part after machining. The smaller the difference between it and the idealized geometric figure parameter of the original engineering drawing, the higher its satisfaction level and the higher the machining accuracy. In the process of machining practice, it is affected by many factors, and there is a big difference between the part machining and the idealized geometry parameters. This kind of error is the machining deviation.

The Gading deviation in the effective area does not exceed the dimensional tolerance specified in the part design scheme. The machining core only needs to be in this area to ensure the machining accuracy of the part. Both machining accuracy and machining deviation can be used to identify the geometric parameters of the part. The size of the machining deviation can affect the machining accuracy. According to the reasonable control of the machining accuracy, the machining deviation can be reduced, and then the requirements in the specific work can be achieved.

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